About 18 years ago, the Ghoul named Kishō Arima was an elite in the S3 investigation unit. He was one of the most prominent figures of the whole group. He was by far the strongest of the entire group. Arima Tokyo Ghoul was so powerful that he could decimate large groups of Ghouls all by himself, and he could alter the flow of the overall progress of the battle due to his decisions. He has earned himself names such as White Death (there are other legends surrounding his name such as death demon, the White Death).

What was the secret thing about Arima Tokyo Ghoul?

On the surface, he looked like an ally to humans and his mission to eradicate all the ghouls from the earth but below the surface, he was the One-Eyed King (隻眼の王, Sekigan no Ō). Arima was conspiring with Eto Yoshimura. He also gained control of  Ken Kaneki when he lost all of his memory. Arima did all of this to bestow the title of the One-Eyed King to Kaneki.

How did Arima Tokyo Ghoul get to CCG?

 Tsuneyoshi Washuu, the chairman of the CCG, chose Arima to lead the S3 squad from a very oung age. We know that Tsuneyoshi Washuu is also a ghoul from prior to his death in the anime episodes. CCG promoted Arima’s status to 3rd class investigator in no time. Daisuke Atou, by himself, saw Arima put down as many as 30 or so ghouls on his own at the age of 16. CCG also seeing his incredible talent promoted him to 2nd rank in less than a year.

Missions of Arima Tokyo Ghoul.

1. Owl Suppression Operation.

Arima Tokyo Ghoul put this above everything else. It was his primary goal in life. He was given the assignment of taking out the one-eyed ghoul and proceed to cleanse the path of any individual escaping in the form of a ghoul. Arima was stationed in Route V14. He finished the job of slaughtering about two dozen ghouls. Kaneki was seen, and it was as the perfect opportunity to launch an attack on his belly. Arima attacked Kaneki right in the abdomen. Kaneki’s abdomen was torn away. He was about to attack Arima when he was pushed through the man’s skull and had his eye stabbed in. Later, Kaneki faced One-Eye. He managed to severe it’s one of the arms. 

Arima Tokyo Ghoul captured Kaneki following the operation and Arima brought Kaneki to prison. Kaneki had no memories and had forgotten everything. His screams to free his friends lasted the entire day and night and all the next morning; and afternoon, too. Arima told him matter-of-of-factly that he had killed all of his friends. Having listened to what had happened, he was even angrier and wouldn’t touch his food. Seeing that Arima bought some books for Kaneki and everything was okay, this went well.

Arima Tokyo Ghoul discussed the operation with Chairman, and he had to tell him about Kaneki. Arima asked the chairman what should be done. He replied that he would be at his own discretion. In light of his newly discovered potential, Arima agreed to take responsibility for his future as an investigator, and Kaneki accepted the offer. Instead, Kaneki also took on the new identity of Haise.

2. Torso Investigation

After the Owl suppression operation, Arima along with Akira Mado was in charge of the investigation of Haise and other members. The operation of capturing Torso and Serpent failed miserably. After the failed operation Arima summoned Haise and his members to a meeting. He also spared with Haise and returned a book to Haise which he had borrowed.

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