ODM Gear also knows as Omni-directional mobility Gear is a major part of the Attack on Titan Series. They are created by the people of Paradis Island to face the titans in combat. It is used to fight the titan in 3D space rather than 2D space which gives them more space to attack and defeat the titans. Later, major changes are seen in the gear. But it’s not easy to use. It requires rigorous training to perfect it. It requires great physical strength especially in the legs and hands.

Tools Used in ODM Gear

  1. Hand Grips
  2. Piston
  3. Grapple hooks
  4. Special Gas found only on the Island.
  5. Iron wire propeller.
  6. Changeable blades.
ODM gear is used in Attack on Titan to combat titans
ODM Gear

How to use the ODM gear?

It has a simple mechanism. You have to aim and fire the grapple hooks at an object and activate the gas(only found on the island) mechanism by pressing a button on the grip. The user is able to swing freely as he/she wishes. The user must use his/her momentum to swing in the air and requires a great deal of physical strength to do so. The ODM gear is less efficient in open spaces as there are no objects to aim the grapple hooks at. It’s main function is to pierce the titan’s body and go through it and it doesn’t fail to do so.

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1. Controller Grip

The whole system depends more or less on the controller grip. There are two buttons on the controller grip. The top trigger shoots the wire with the bottom trigger firing secret gas. The inner parts of the ODM gear are secret. It is developed with great security.

2. Gas Cylinder

 Two cylinders, stores compressed gas. It is used to fire and retrace the grapple as well as moving while swinging.

ODM gear is used in Attack on Titan to combat titans
ODM gear

3. Blades

The blades are made from special metals also known as Ultrahard steel which is able to pierce a Titan’s place. Soldiers carry a lot of them in their thighs.

4. Turbine

Gas from the cylinders directly flow to the turbine which is also used to retrace the grapple. The pressure is used to control the speed of retracing.


Training for ODM gear.

As I have said earlier using the ODM gear is very difficult. So the training is also very difficult. Formally, to become a good user of ODM gear you have to train rigorously for at least three years. The training mainly focuses on developing the physical strength of the body specially the legs as they have to fall from great heights and absorb the shock when fighting the titans. The training also focuses on developing the mental strength of the users; to remain calm in dangerous situations.

To get selected for the training there is an ODM gear aptitude evaluation conducted to select the people for training. Failing this test, results to dismissal from the training at once.

In the three years of intense training some people don’t make it and also some die in the process. The training makes the body and the muscles very strong, as well as the mentality grows strong. Later the ODM gear also integrates missiles in it.

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Is it viable in real life?

Yes it is also viable in real life but you can’t fly with it. Maybe in the future we can get the real ones with same functionality but today you have to work with this one form Hero Tech:-

Credit:- Hero Tech

You can this video to confirm the ongoing development of the ODM gear. Maybe we can hope for a great future where ODM gear’s are the reality.

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